Rear axle width

A rear axle width exceeding 57cm creates a risk of exceeding the UCI limit of 75cm in total bike width.
The total width of a bike depends on width of used rear hubs.
Therefore, before ordering a frame with a rear axle wider than 57 cm, please check carefully the dimensions of your rear hubs. Also, take into account a camber - if you plan to use any.

  • The width of the rear axle affects the stability of the bike. The greater the width, the greater stability.
  • The standard width of the rear axle is 57cm (from the carbon edge to the carbon edge).
  • The standard width of the rear axle with the camber sockets increases to 59cm (each socket protrudes 1cm from the carbon).
  • This 57cm standard rear axle dimension allows for a total bike width of 71cm (without camber, with JetBike hubs) or 73cm (with 6% camber and hubs not exceeding 7cm wide).




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