carbon grips

Weight of upholstery and fastening belt is not included, as those elements are usually a subject to introducing personal changes due to individual preferences. Please take that into account when comparing to other handbike brands.

Quotes are given for a given equipment configuration, which can be found in the section PRICES. Change in this configuration will result in a change in weight.

Personal data provided in the inquiry form will be used only for the purpose of presenting a handbike offer and their gathering is necessary for delivering the service of producing a handbike.

Here you can find out who the maker of JetBikes is and with whom the transaction will be conducted


You will be able to let us know your choice in the inquiry form by thicking a relevant box.
Default option is black reflective.

You will be able to let us know your colours choice in an inquiry form.
For this, we will need you to give us a RAL palette colour number.

RAL palette can be found here.

Please bear in mind, that adding paint will increse the weight of your frameset by aproximately 200g and will prolong the time of delivery.

The time of delivery of a colour painted bike depends on availability of choosen paint
and will be confirmed in an order confirmation message.

You can also decide on your bike colour (for quotes see PRICES).

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Available branding stickers' colours (included in the price):



The distance between the axis of support and the seat

is smoothly adjustable in the range of +/- 2cm

from the distance requested in the inquiry form



increases the stiffness of the fork-wheel system

allows for more precise positioning of the wheel (especially important when mounting a disc brake)

reduces the risk of the wheel disconnecting when using a disc brake


mono fork version with 11s drive and DT Swiss 180 hub, for details of given equipment configuration go to PRICES

The underside of our frame is shaped as an airfoil. Such shape, together with a smooth broadsides without angles, organises an airflow between the frame and a road surface. That minimizes turbulences, and therefore minimizes the air resistance.

9,96 kg

7,76 kg

5,36 kg


2,20 kg

0,75 kg

2,40 kg

equipment + fixing elements

carbon wheels (set, ceramic front hub)

carbon crankset

If you want to change the configuration of your bike, write it in the inquiry form. We'll check the availability and adjust the final price.

In particular, it is possible to mount a 12 speed drive (SRAM XX1 Eagle AXS).

frame, fork,

backrest, headrest, bumper, footrests, chainguard

Full description of the purchasing process:

order payment delivery after-sales support/ guarantee

can be found in the CUSTOMER SERVICE section.

Download the inquiry form, fill it, and send it to us via e-mail. We prepare offer for you.

We're fluent in English .

We can provide translation support for meetings in:
Dutch , French , German  , Spanish

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Choose the best option for you, and don't hesitate to contact us at:


Jetbike - carbon handbikes

  1. Meeting during the main paracycling events
    Check the closest event we are attending to on our Facebook profile.
    We'll set up details of a meeting at the occasion of an event.

  2. Visiting us in our facilities in South-East Poland, an hour drive from the Rzeszow airport, in a hilly landscape of Carpathian Mountains and with an access to a small racing track.
    We can organize a pick-up and/or help in booking accommodation.

  3. Meeting in Warsaw, the capitol city. For the convenience of those of you who can't
    or don't want to fly to Rzeszow, we prepared a possibility to meet in Warsaw.
    We can organize a pick-up and/or help in booking accommodation.

8% VAT included.
For customers having an EU VAT number or for non-EU residents,

the net price is applicable (lower by 7,4% than listed below).

Offer valid until 31st December 2023.


14 458 EUR

carbon wheels set: 26' + 2 x 20'

plus upholstery and fastening belt

frame with backrest, headrest and bumper, fork with footrests and chainguard

550 EUR

frame and fork colour painting

1 931EUR

equipment offered

2 415 EUR

wireless shifter SRAM Red e-Tap  11s
cassette SRAM XG-1199 XX1  10-42 11s
chain SRAM PC XX1 11s

disk brake SRAM S-900 Aero HDR

calliper brake SRAM RIVAL 22

carbon rims, steel spokes, TUFO tubulars,

front hub DT Swiss 240, rear hubs carbon

294 EUR

998 EUR

8 820 EUR

carbon crankset

carbon cranks, chainring Stronglight 46T

full carbon body

gives smooth braking, and thus full control over the braking force - needed especially at high speeds

its efficiency decreases only slightly while driving, especially in the case of carbon rims, which are sensitive to the temperature rise during braking with calliper brakes

unlike other types of brakes, they are practically insensitive to weather conditions


The air resistance is accountable for approximately 90% of resistance forces during a handbike ride. Less air resistance gives you a significant advantage in the race. That's why, aerodynamics is what we paid a special attention to, when designing our bike.


4,61 kg

carbon core

Quotes given are for a standard lenght fork (suitable for 90% athletes) and a 165 cm crankset. Changes in dimentions of carbon elements (fork lenght, cranks lenght, customization of frame), will result in a change in weight.

Due to technological conditions, there is 2% of allowance for carbon  elements.

external elements *


If you need more information, contact us at:


If you want to check how it feels to ride our bike, we are happy to enable you testing.
We prepared several possibilities to meet us and go for a ride:


4mm - the difference between the lowest and the highest point of the axis of support
at 300W and 90rpm
(160mm cranks)








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